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Scot Nery Juggler Juggler Website

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  • Corporate Shows
  • Colleges
  • Opening For Rock Bands

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Unusual Juggler - Scot Nery

Los Angeles juggler, Scot Nery has performed all over the world on stage, television and film; and has helped other creators of entertainment along the way. His drive has always been to give audiences what they want before they ask for it. This has motivated some strange progressive stage creations and a comedy persona which is unmatched.

Fantastick Patrick fun juggling for all ages Juggler Fantastic Patrick Site

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  • Juggling School

Fantastick Patrick - The One-Man Circus Band

Fantastick Patrick has been entertaining since his childhood in western Massachusetts. He has travelled through the United States, Canada and Europe an the way to sunny Southern California with his show and has a fresh approach to his act, to ensure that the entire crowd is entertained throughout. Patrick’s skills translate to any venue, and any audience, which is part of what makes his act so special; he’s a one-man circus band. So if you’re looking for big laughs, then Fantastick Patrick is a must.

Lindsay Benner Juggler Juggler Website

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  • Cabaret
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Private Parties

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Lindsay Benner - Silent Comedy Juggler

Lindsay is a Los Angeles based juggler with a unique brand of silent comedy. Her juggling is beautiful and her comic timing, priceless. Lindsay's juggling has been featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Documentary "Being in the World".

Comedian Juggler Alex Clark Jugglers Website

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  • Corporate Parties
  • College Events

Alex Clark - From the streets to the screen. Watch anywhere. Laugh everywhere.

With training from The Groundlings Theater Company, Cirque Du Soleil, & a hippie-run arts high school, Alex Clark creates a show that is entertaining on every level. Jaw-dropping juggling, quick-witted comedy, & rocking harmonica jams are all part of the show. He's been the honored recipient of 2 People's Choice Awards and was an official selection of The Los Angeles Comedy Festival. He is a return performer to the San Diego Buskers Fest, The Wisconsin State Fair, and the Canadian Fringe Circuit. You're guaranteed to love his show again and again. It doesn't stop there. Alex also has a hugely successful Youtube channel. With over 1 million views per year, Alex finds the funny in just about everything. His videos include everything from comedy sketches to busking documentaries. His most popular series, About A Girl, is now completely animated.

Jack & Jeri Juggling team Juggling Duo's Website

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  • Family shows
  • Custom presentations

Jack & Jeri - Clean Comedy ...plus Ridiculous Feats of Dexterity!

What happens when a Hollywood stuntwoman marries a professional juggler? You get the perfect entertainment for your event! Hollywood's favorite juggling duo, Jack & Jeri present amazing and outrageous circus skills and they get the audience involved. Their fun energy is exactly what your event needs. You’ll laugh! You’ll be amazed! You’ll want to take them home!

Learn to Juggle


Nearly anyone can learn to juggle. It is a challenging and very rewarding skill. Below are a few options for you if you're hankering to learn to juggle.


Private Juggling Lessons
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Face-to-face juggling lessons are available in Los Angeles or on Skype.

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How to Juggle DVD
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Scot Nery's Juggling DVD - Catch U - walks you through the steps of juggling and helps you with specific problems along the way so you don't feel alone, just spectacular!

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There are lots of great reasons why you should learn. Here are 8 Reasons to Juggle

  1. brain growth
  2. body comfort
  3. stress relief
  4. focus retention
  5. coordination boosting
  6. being interesting
  7. improved learning
  8. unboring meditation